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The GAMMA Lineup

GAMMA Polyflex
Copolymer Fishing Line

Mono line that delivers it all.

Catch more fish...GUARANTEED! Your time on the water is too valuable to be compromised by your line’s performance.

• Higher breaking strength (up to 2x the stated size)
• Casts longer with accuracy
• More natural presentations
• Supple and abrasion resistant
• Low coil memory

100% Fluorocarbon Line

GAMMA EDGE is the one line that does it all, giving you a true competitive EDGE! GAMMA’S exclusive process provides desired attributes such as sensitivity, castability, strength, abrasion resistance, invisibility and shock resistance.

• Near-invisibility
• Higher strength
• Easier and longer casting with accuracy
• Improved lure and bait action
• Supple and abrasion resistant

100% Fluorocarbon
Transparent Leader

Exceeds the Performance Demands of Professional Guides, Boat Captains, and Tournament Anglers! Guaranteed.

GAMMA’S 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material has increased flexibility, suppleness and strength while retaining its natural refractive qualities, making it virtually invisible under water.

• 2 times more flexible and shock resistant than other leading FC lines
• Higher strength
• Exclusive processing eliminates all inherent drawbacks of Fluorocarbon lines
• More hookups and larger worldclass fish landed… GUARANTEED!

GAMMA Torque
Braided Fishing Line
100% Spectra Fiber Braid

GAMMA Torque is a high performance braid designed to provide:
• Max strength
• Max abrasion resistance
• Extremely small diameter
• Extremely sensitive
• UV resistant

GAMMA Torque Hollow Core
• 16 Strand Spectra Braid (Most Premium)
• 60 and 80# are Hollow Core (Spliceable for mono and Fluorocarbon)
• Plus the other qualities listed above

Super Fluorocarbon Line

Ultra-sensitive for maximum strike detection

GAMMA Touch is a “Super Line” designed specifically for finesse fishing techniques. This high tenacity line is molecularly altered by GAMMA processing for ultra sensitivity combined with high strength. It’s perfect for drop-shot fishing!

• Flexible (for natural presentations)
• Increased strengths
• Abrasion resistant

GAMMA Panfish
Copolymer Fishing Line

Introducing our high-tech, molecularly altered, optic yellow, copolymer monofilament line. Gamma’s exclusive “Molecular Alteration” provides the line with the unprecedented combination of flexibility, shock resistance, strength, abrasion resistance, and lower memory. Gamma Panfish was designed with the Panfisherman in mind and the optic yellow color makes it ideal for line watching. The optic yellow color, just like a tennis ball, allows it to stand out in many different light conditions for detecting the lightest of bites.  Suppleness is extremely important and this line has it. The high suppleness of GAMMA Panfish allows for less memory and a more natural presentation with micro-light baits. Gamma Panfish also has extremely high breaking strength, up to 2x the stated size. GAMMA Panfish comes in a variety of spool sizes from Pony to Bulk Spools.

Copolymer & Fluorocarbon Ice Fishing Lines

Molecularly Altered to Stay Supple in Extreme Cold While Providing Unequaled Fish Fighting Capability!

The best fish catching, fish fighting ice lines available. GAMMA Ice Lines are processed to provide dramatic increases in suppleness and shock resistance, especially in cold weather.

• Stays supple & flexible in COLD weather
• Incredible strength (both tensile & knot)
• More natural presentations
• Low coil memory
• More abrasion resistant