From Bassmaster Classic and Forrest Wood Cup Champions to Two-Tour Pros and guys that live to fish, it's safe to say, OUR PRO STAFF ROCKS!

Bass-Master-Elite-Series-Logo250.png  randyHowell_175x150.jpg brentChapman_175x150.jpg stephenBrowning_175x150.jpg
    Randy Howell Brent Chapman Stephen Browning
kotaKiriyama_175x150.jpg rickMorris_175x150.jpg JamesNiggemeyer_175x150.jpg jasonWilliamson_175x150.jpg chadMoganthaler175x150.jpg
Kota Kiriyama Rick Morris James Niggemeyer Jason Williamson Chad Morgenthaler
glennBrowne_175x150.jpg paul-mueller-175x150.jpg      
Glenn Browne Paul Mueller       
2TourPros.png mattHerren_175x150.jpg gregHackney_175x150.jpg    
  Matt Herren Greg Hackney    
AOYchapman100.jpg"Gamma is by far the best fishing line in the industry. Most fisherman underestimate the importance of high quality line. Fishing line is the only connection between the angler and the fish...I only trust Gamma! Winning the 2012 Bassmaster Angler of the Year title is a direct effect of getting those bass into the boat." Brent Chapman FLW250.png
peteGluszek_175x150.jpg vicValataro_175x150.jpg davidDudley_175x150.jpg terryBolton_175x150.jpg danMorehead_175x150.jpg
Pete Gluszek Vic Vatalaro David Dudley Terry Bolton Dan Morehead
AnthongyGagliardi_175x150.jpg jimTutt_175x150.jpg kevinSpooner_175x150.jpg lukeClausen_175x150.jpg andyMorgan_175x150.jpg
Anthony Gagliardi Jim Tutt Kevin Spooner Luke Clausen Andy Morgan
Brad Knight        
lbaa-125b.png pamWells_175x150.jpg      
  Pam Wells      

   Logos and images courtesy of FLW Outdoors and B.A.S.S.